Laziness: A human quality

April 26, 2013

The amount of inertia that we build over a period of time is simply astonishing. The human brain likes to settle to a certain rhythm unless we consciously keep pushing it. With our current lifestyles, it is so easy to break the pattern and be lazy about things which we ought to do.

I was reading a blog post recently that was talking about the author’s motivation to get fit. It is always useful to find something that we feel sufficiently motivated about in order to reach a goal. It also means we need to understand how much priority to assign to these goals. Family always trumps professional goals/hobbies. As we get older, get married and settle in life, the amount of time available to us to randomly think about issues will become more of a luxury than something we can take for granted. This is where we need to better organize our day so that we can inch towards our goals and not feel frustrated at the inability to do things we like to do. I have now learnt to shake that laziness off and start with this first blog post. Now to find that extra motivation to learn Clojure, resume start work outs and more…

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